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For all aspects of game improvement whether you are new to the game or a competent low handicapper to custom fitting of the latest drivers and irons from all major manufacturers we are here to help. Furthermore, if you are visiting soon to experience all that Berkhamsted Golf Club has to offer you may also be interested in our on-line brand store.


What is Custom Fitting?

Everyones golf swing is different so it makes sense to adjust golf clubs to suit the individual. As custom fitting has developed we now have many ways in which we can fit every club in the bag. Making you aware of how, why and what we can custom fit is the challenge for me and my team. 

We use the very latest 'launch monitor' technology to to analyse every aspect of your game to ensure we select the best possible clubs for you.

Driver Fitting

Driver fitting factors are basic yet important. Information needed starts with the players swing speed. From this point ball speed is determined. From this ball spin rate can be determined. From this point launch angle can be determined ultimately calculating carry distance and overall distance

By using launch montiors when fitting for drivers it allows both fitters and you as the customer to come to a mutual agreement based on the actually facts and figures we have infront of us. Fitting is always avaliable within this industry. Take advantage of it levitra online uk. Purchase the correct club. The fitting expense is minimal in the face of more enjoyment.
It's not all about the facts and figures though. As you can see below there are some personal choices to be made aswell. Grip size, colour and club head colour are all choice which are made by youself purely based on what feels correct and looks nice to you.

Iron Fitting

When fitting for irons there are multiple factors to fit for. Starting with head design, the head weight distribution, offset, club length, shafts, lie angles and grip thickness. If all these elements are made to match the golfer then the club you are about to buy is perfect for you. Firstly if you were fitted here at Berkhamsted Golf Club we would start by finding out if the loft and lies of your current clubs are correct by putting tape on the face and sole of your club.

The next stage would be determined by the results. If for example these were correct for you we would go straight on to finding you a club which you liked the look and feel of, if not we would have to change the length of the club which in turn would correct the loft and lie. It is important in a iron fitting that you get to hit full shots with the new clubs that you are interested in and feel that that are the correct weight for you and feel nice to hit. Then final job would be to decide which clubs you want in your set, this includes whether you want hybrids in replacement of a 5 or 4 iron.

Wedge Fitting

When fiiting someone for a wedge, it tends to be split into two catergories: bounce fitting and yardage gapping. This is where you would find out whether you were a slider/sweeper, neutral or driver/ digger.

Bounce provides forgiveness on all types of wedge shots. The angle between the leading edge and the lowest point of the sole is what is known as the bounce. When looking at a wedge you can see that the trailing edge is lower than the leading edge, this is the bounce angle. 

You may have also heard of grind within wedges. The grind is the relief and contour that is ground into the sole of the wedges. This can provide shot making oppurtunities around the green.

Putter Fitting

Many of you would have also heard of the super stroke / TwoThumb grips for putters which are aimed to eliminate excessive hand action in the putting stroke.

Fancy something different? Counter balance putters are now becoming very popular in the golfing world. These are an alternative to the banned belly putters. The counter balance putters help to give a more stable feeling whilst making a stroke due to the boost Moment of inertia of the club. 

Drive for show, putt for dough. As we all know, putting is an extremlely important part of our game so it's important that our putter is right for us! There are a number of factors which are looked at when fitting a putter.

Firstly length, with the new adjustable putters it allows us to easily find which length is most suited to us! Futhermore we can change lie angle, for example if you are particulalry tall it may be that your lie angle should be more upright, whereas if you are shorter you would expect the lie angle to be flatter. An additonal aspect is the grip, this includes both the type and the size. This is mainly down to feel and what you feel most comfortable with however the size can be affected by hand size which could mean you need a different size grip or additional layers of tape.


John is a PGA Professional with over 25 years of experience and as a past Hertfordshire PGA Club Pro's & Seniors Open Champion he is regarded as one of the very best coaches in the county.

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